Ceiling Cavity Cleaning

When it comes to your ceiling cavities and attics there is a severe danger in believing: out of sight, out of mind. Over time a huge amount of dust, animal droppings and other debris will gather in your ceiling cavity, causing build-up and severe damage to your ceiling boards. If there is dampness, mould can also gather. Dust and spores will drift down into the interior of your property and this can trigger or complicate allergies the people in that building have.

Just because you can't see what's gathering in your ceiling cavity, doesn't mean damage -- like black mould --isn't occurring.

Just because you can’t see what’s gathering in your ceiling cavity, doesn’t mean damage — like black mould –isn’t occurring.

Gutter Goblins’ advance vacuum cleaning system will expertly and speedily clean your attics and cavities, causing no mess.

You should consider a ceiling cavity vacuum when :

  • Renovating or planning second storey extensions to your home
  • Installing insulation, ceiling fans, ducted airconditioning
  • Dust leakage from walls, vents and ceilings
  • Your current insulation is not working – resulting in possible fire hazard, and potential for rodents nesting in old insulation
  • To reduce dust mites, allergens, toxins inside your home

Gutter Goblins crews have full training and certification to work in confined spaces, we provide expert advice and cost effective solutions.  We pride ourselves in carrying out work to the highest standard, giving you peace of mind knowing that your ceiling cavity will be left spotless



Ceiling cavity in need of our specialised vacuum clean


Our result – we guarantee our work and leave you with a spotless ceiling cavity